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Rebecca Eve Schweitzer

Self portrait
writer | Editor
artist | marketer 
Word Nerd

Rebecca Eve Schweitzer

is a writer, editor, artist, marketer and professional word nerd. 

Rebecca created a series of Field Guide zines and has several other zine projects in the works. Her first zine, Field Guide to Birds That Only Exist in Your Imagination, made its debut at the Local Author Book Sale during Sterlingfest 2018. In 2019, she debuted two more zines titled, Field Guide to Redacted Romance Novels and Field Guide to Sea Monsters that Probably Don't Exist. 


Rebecca is a published writer. Recently, her poetry, short fiction and creative nonfiction appeared in Sterling Script 2018 and 2019 and Gather Magazine. She founded and edited Fashion Me Fabulous, a fashion blog, for 10 years. Rebecca is a journalist, editor, social media manager, marketing consultant and merchandising manager. 

Rebecca is also a marketer, editor, social media manager, journalist and copywriter. Her professional portfolio can be found at

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